Income Protection

At Elixir, we know it’s difficult to imagine a time when you won’t be there to help provide for your family. That’s why we have gathered together a suite of Life insurance solutions from the world’s best providers to help answer your Life insurance requirements, at any stage of life.

Whether you’re a new family, business owner, or a single parent, we have a Life insurance option to suit your needs and budget. For a personalized assessment of your Life insurance coverage needs, including customized Term Life insurance quotes, contact a Wealth Architect.

If you think about it, everything you have today – your home, car, groceries, savings – basically your lifestyle, depends on your ability to earn an income. Most people are quick to insure their possessions, such as their home and car.

Income Protection

And they generally have life insurance that would provide for their family. But the one thing that makes all this possible is – your income. It’s your most important asset. So, protecting it with disability insurance isn’t just a good decision – it’s essential.

why consider elixir for income protection?

We know you love your children, your home, and all the things that have made your life, well – your life. You have created the life around you and we want to make it eternal for you & your family. That’s why we want to encourage you, without pushing you, to consider life insurance solutions from Elixir Wealth Solutions. And because your Elixir Wealth Architect is going to take as much time as you want to help you with your options, we shall guarantee that you’re going to feel good about the process.

A balanced combination of both term and permanent policies would provide you with a highly customized Wealth protection scenario for your family.